Network Processors and Merchant Silicon Solutions

MicroCode Design and Development for Multi-core Network Processors and Integration of L2/L3 and MPLS Software with Silicon from Broadcom, Marvell, Cavium and others.

Data Plane – The Heart of a Networking Solution

A key part of any networking/communications item is the accuracy, conservativeness and effectiveness of sending in the Data Plane. The execution and achievement of a Networking Product relies upon the execution of the sending plane. The sending plane in most networking items is executed in equipment utilizing one of the accompanying techniques:

  • Merchant Silicon such as Broadcom or Marvel.
  • An off the shelf Network Processor such as EzChip, Xelerated (now Marvell) or Cavium.
  • Processors Designed with Network Processing Cores such as TenSilica.

Every one of the above solutions have their own points of interest, and the choice that drives the arrangement of decision to a great extent relies upon different factors, such as:

  • Flexibility and Programmability
  • Cost
  • Bandwidth Requirements
  • Feature Requirements
Bizmatic Solutions Offerings

The Bizmatic Solutions team spends significant time being developed of sending plane solutions. We comprehend the basic nature this part plays in the achievement of your items. We offer finish structure and improvement administrations for a wide assortment of Switching Silicon Merchants and Network Processors.